Association VICTOiR Lutte contre les cancers de l'enfant au Togo

Our Team



The VICTOiR team is Franco-Togolese.

All members are entirely voluntary and all money collected, thanks to our donors and members, is entirely devoted to the care of children.

Team based in Togo

The Togolese based team ensures everything is running properly on site, is the liaison for the Care Unit in the Hospital, and reports back what their needs are. It facilitates administrative procedures and relations with all partners involved, and monitors construction and maintenance operations. Its logistics coordinator is a member of the Governing Body.

Team based in France

The French based team provides overall management, research and fundraising. It regularly visits the site to ensure communication and relays with its members residing in Togo and to consolidate close relations with those responsible for the Unit and the University Hospital. Members finance their own trips and stays in Togo out of their own pockets.

The Team mainly consists of members of the Governing Body, assisted by the Toulouse Support Committee-31, which takes part in the organization and running of various events. A committee of architects, all volunteers, allows the construction project to be carried out and monitored.

Governing Body

Il est ainsi constitué :

  • President and founder : Brigitte MEILLON, French Dentist.
  • Vice-President and founder, in charge of medical issues : Séenam KUTOATI, Cardiologist, Franco-togolese.
  • Vice President, Project Manager : Gérard Faure, Senior retired French company executive.
  • Treasurer and founder : Marion Dutraive, French Dentist.
  • Assistant treasurer : André Meillon, French retired engineer.
  • Head office logistics coordinator and founding member : Cyril Plasse, French Dentist.
  • Communication Officer : Danièle Meillon, French Retired administrative officer.
  • Field logistics coordinator : Dr Moussa SAMA, Togolese pharmacist representing VICTOiR in Togo
  • Active founding member : Eric MENSAH, Beninese doctor living in the USA.

Given VICTOiR was specifically created to carry out the creation and development of the Paediatric Oncology Unit (UOP) and ensure its sustainability and proper functioning, the members of our Charity, both French and Togolese, are very regularly present in the field and work to maintain the strong ties of cooperation established and developed with the Hospital in Lomé.

In order to support our action,  3 support committees work in Toulouse, Lyon and Lomé.