Association VICTOiR Lutte contre les cancers de l'enfant au Togo

Our Team

VICTOiR is composed of a Franco-Togolese team who all are volunteers. All funds raised through our donors and members are fully invested to provide the children with care.

The Team residing outside of Togo

The French members are in charge of overall management, research and fundraising, as well as administrative tasks. The team regularly visit Togo for communication operations and ensures continuity with its resident members in Togo. Members of the French team cover their own travelling expenses when they visit Togo.

President and Founder: Brigitte MEILLON, Surgeon Dentist, French, living in France. Tel: +33 (0) 6 61 76 11 10.

Assistant President of Medical Affairs and Founder: Séenam KUTOATI, Cardiologist Doctor, Togolese, residing in France.

Vice President, responsible for fund applications: Gérard Faure, Retired CEO, French, living in France.

Treasurer and Founder: Marion Dutraive, Surgeon Dentist, French, living in France.

Logistics coordinator and Founder: Cyril PLASSE, Surgeon Dentist, French, living in France.

Communications Officer: Daniele MEILLON, Retired Secretary of Administration. French, living in France. Tel: 09 82 50 49 37.,

Founder and active member: Eric Mensah, Doctor, Beninese, residing in the USA.

Secretary General: Laure Sabaite, email:

The team living in Togo

T team ensures the smooth running on site and liaises with the paediatric department at the University Hospital

Assistant Treasurer (on the ground): Georges LANDJEKPO, Togolese.

Logistics Coordinator (on the ground): Moussa SAMA, PharmacienTogolais.

The haematology-oncology ward is under the responsibility of the Chief Medical Officer of Paediatrics, Professor Atakouma: it is in his service that children are treated and supported by VICTOiR.

Professor Adama GBADOE: Paediatrician Doctor in charge of the ward.

Dr. Jules Guédénon: Paediatrician Oncologist Doctor and Lecturer, who treats the children supported by VICTOiR. He oversees the chemotherapy courses, coordinates with all stakeholders and the teams of doctors and nurses, writes reports, manages inventory equipment and medicines, and monitors the patients post-treatment.